Try new hello kitty games

  • hungry-hello-kitty
    hungry hello kitty

    It is very simple what you have to do in this game. Cat is hungry and need to feed her. You see what the cat thinks, you have to give that food faster. Move quicker to earn more points.

  • hello-kitty-tris
    hello kitty tris

    Tris is a game with your favorite pet. Click on that table to start the game. Take three consecutive objects to defeat. Relax and put your mind in motion with this wonderful game.

  • hello-kitty-room-creator
    hello kitty room creator

    What is more pleasant than to decorate your own room. Hello Kitty offers you the opportunity to arrange her room. You can choose from many types of designs.

  • hello-kitty-romance
    hello kitty romance

    The two cats have come in their room with clothes. Are undecided and do not know what to wear. Maybe you could give them a helping hand. Enter their world and know better dressed.

  • hello-kitty-roller-rescue
    hello kitty roller rescue

    It is a roller race between small cute cat and other pets. Read carefully the instructions in the game to know how to handle the cat.

  • hello-kitty-puzzle-plane
    hello kitty puzzle plane

    In this game had to build a puzzle with hello kitty. Choice of many parts that contain pictures. As you check several pieces, the more the game becomes more difficult to finish.

  • hello-kitty-puzzle
    hello kitty puzzle

    You have many beautiful images with your favorite character. Click on one of them to start the game. After selecting the picture you have in the right menu parts you need to accomplish the puzzle.

  • hello-kitty-memory2
    hello kitty memory 2

    There are three categories of difficulty in which you can play. Select one of them to start this game of memory. You are scored at each piece discovered.

  • hello-kitty-memory
    hello kitty memory

    Another memory game that uses the image of Hello Kitty cats. Found as soon as the parts are similar. Discover all the images and get a high score.

  • hello-kitty-jewels
    hello kitty jewels

    Change images to make pairs of the same patterns. You can arrange to vertical or horizontal by 3 pairs of pieces.

  • hello-kitty-embroidery
    hello kitty embroidery

    If you like to sew with thread, this game will help. Develop your embroidery skills in a beautiful manner. Choose a model that you want to accomplish and then start work.

  • hello-kitty-dressup
    hello kitty dress up

    With accessories you have on hand can dress the cat. The game is fun and beautifully styled. Is created for you and your friends.

  • hello-kitty-bubbles
    hello kitty bubbles

    Shoot with water cannon pets that coming down from the sky. Do not let them reach the water. Try to aim as many cats. Use your mouse to shoot with bubbles in to members of Sanrio family.

  • hello-kitty-blocks
    hello kitty blocks

    Write your name in the box, then press start to play. All pets must be eliminated. Find more pairs of characters to remove them. You have to move quickly to avoid losing.

  • hello-kitty-bees
    hello kitty bees

    Hello Hitty has to face with a bee. You need to collect certain items, then get home safely without touching the bee. During the game you have multiple bee to avoided.

  • color-hello-kitty
    color hello kitty

    Let's give it a splash of color beautiful kittens. Choose colors carefully you want to represent. Then draw the image as you want it to be.